raport rezultate SEMESTRUL i 2018



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VAN/acţiune (RON) 1,3223*
Pret/acţiune (RON) 0,8880**
Discount -32,84%
VAN pe acţiune (USD) 0,3349*
Preţ GDR (USD) 0,00**
Discount -100,00%

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Of Currencies, Trade and Other Clouds

Emerging markets have struggled in the first half of this year amid a storm of uncertainties. Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity’s Chetan Sehgal examines issues that have acted as clouds on the asset class—including a stronger US dollar and trade skirmishes—and highlights some positive longer-term fundamentals. He thinks some of the concerns are overblown. Artykuł Of Currencies, Trade and Other...