Publish Date
15/02/2012 Short presentation of Mr. Julian Healy, the interim member of the Board of Nominees
14/02/2012 Update regarding the membership of the Board of Nominees
10/02/2012 Bogdan Dragoi Resigns as Chairman of the Fondul Proprietatea’s Board of Nominees
09/02/2012 Request for calling the General Shareholders' Meeting of Fondul Proprietatea.
09/02/2012 Update regarding the Board of Nominees
06/02/2012 Shareholders' structure & total number of voting rights as at 31 January 2012
03/02/2012 Update regarding the Funds share capital
02/02/2012 Entering into force of the Addendum no.1 to the Fundęs Investment Management Agreement
31/01/2012 Fondul Proprietatea salutes the decision of the Extraordinary General Shareholder Meeting of Hidroelectrica to approve the listing of the company on the stock exchange
27/01/2012 Update regarding the Funds share capital
27/01/2012 Update regarding Hidroelectricas Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting held on 27 January 2012
24/01/2012 Financial calendar for 2012 for SC Fondul Proprietatea SA
24/01/2012 Information regarding the reporting sent by different shareholders of the Fund regarding the number of shares held according to Art. 116 paragraph (1) of NSC Regulation no. 1/2006
20/01/2012 Update regarding a new litigation initiated by Ioana SFÔRAIALA in the file no. 77743/3/2011
15/01/2012 December 2011 Factsheet
13/01/2012 31 December 2011 NAV Report
13/01/2012 Entering into force of the new Constitutive Act of SC Fondul Proprietatea
12/01/2012 Information regarding the number of shares held by Manchester Securities Corporation and Beresford Energy Corporation in S.C. Fondul Proprietatea S.A.
11/01/2012 Entering into force of the Law regarding the listing of companies from the Fund portfolio
10/01/2012 Tender notice regarding the selling of shares in Salubriserv S.A.Targu - Mures

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