The Fund's investment objective is long term capital appreciation via investments primarily in Romanian equities with strict adherence to the principles of value investing. The portfolio is heavily weighted in the Power, Oil and Gas sectors (approximately 69% of NAV) through a number of listed and unlisted, privately-held and State-controlled entities.

This section gives you an overview on the Fund's portfolio and on the evolution of the monthly Net Asset Value/ share.

Portfolio Sector Breakdown As of 29 November 2017

[name] [value]
Oil & Gas 15.77%
Electricity: generation 33.74%
Electricity & Gas: distribution, supply 19.07%
Banks 2.69%
Infrastructure 9.73%
Net Cash and receivables* 14.35%
Others 4.65%
NAV/share (RON) 1.2188*
Share Price (RON) 0.8530**
Discount -30.01%
NAV/share (USD) 0.3110*
GDR Price (USD) 11.15**
Discount -28.30%