Listing Materials

On 25 January 2011, five years after its inception, and four months after Franklin Templeton Investment Management Limited UK Bucharest Branch took over as Fund Manager and Sole Administrator, Fondul Proprietatea was listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, amidst an intense period of promotional activity both locally and in various European markets to raise awareness of the Fund.

In order to facilitate easier investor access to the Fund’s shares and to attract additional demand for the shares from new investors, the Fund being ideally placed to offer investors exposure to a diversified range of Romanian listed and unlisted equity securities, that should benefit from Romania’s steady growth perspectives and strong economic fundamentals, Fondul Proprietatea was listed on 29 April 2015, on the Specialist Fund Market of the London Stock Exchange through Global Depositary Receipts.

In this section you can access the documents prepared by the Fund Manager for the listing of Fondul Proprietatea on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, and on the London Stock Exchange.