Fund Overview

Fondul Proprietatea was set up by the Romanian Government in December 2005 to indemnify persons* whose assets were abusively expropriated by the communist regime (especially in cases when restitution in kind would not be possible) by granting shares in Fondul Proprietatea to the respective persons proportionate to their loss*.


The restitution process is wholly independent of Fondul Proprietatea and is managed by the National Agency for Property Restitution, a specialized legal entity of the central administration. 

Fondul Proprietatea is a joint stock company and not a governmental authority, therefore it operates under the control of the general assembly of shareholders.


Shares issued by Fondul Proprietatea

Today, the shares of Fondul Proprietatea are freely traded by their titleholders, on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (ticker FP), and London Stock Exchange (ticker FP.) through Global Depository Receipts (GDRs). 

The initial unique shareholder of Fondul Proprietatea was the Romanian State. The shares issued by Fondul Proprietatea were transferred, free of charge, to the titleholders of compensation issued on the date of the Fund establishment, to their subsequent obtainers or to the persons compensated by the decisions issued after the establishment of Fondul Proprietatea. The number of the shares transferred was established by reference to the value of the compensation securities held.

The initial nominal value of a share issued by Fondul Proprietatea was 1 RON. Following several share capital distributions, the nominal value of a share issued by Fondul Proprietatea is currently RON 0.52, starting with 16 June 2017. For more information regarding the changes to Fondul Proprietatea's share capital, please access the FAQs section of the website, Fondul Proprietatea share capital section.