Press Releases

Publish Date
06/02/2019 Regulated energy prices will bring lower State budget revenues, reduced investments and market distortion
22/01/2019 2019 – Good perspectives but conditioned by political and legislative stability
21/12/2018 FP condemns the nontransparent appointments in the Board of Constanta Port
19/12/2018 Fondul Proprietatea: the proposed fiscal measures are a ticking bomb for the Romanian economy
14/12/2018 FP Asks Full Transparency and Safeguards against potential conflict of interest in the Board of Portul Constanta
03/10/2018 The Project of the Sovereign Fund Leaves SOEs at the Discretion of Political Interference and Abuse
24/09/2018 FP warns: Black List of Companies Exempted from Corporate Governance Makes a Comeback in Parliament
06/08/2018 Opinion piece by Johan Meyer: Unlocking Romania’s potential
20/07/2018 Gas price capping breaks EU legislation and jeopardizes Romania’s future gas independence
04/01/2018 Johan Meyer appointed as sole lead Portfolio Manager
21/12/2017 The darkest day in the history of Corporate Governance in Romania
06/11/2017 The Ports Law risks becoming a gift made to port oligarchs, if the draft is approved
07/09/2017 Review of strategic options at Hidroelectrica
06/09/2017 Unfounded and abusive action of the Ministry of Energy taken at Hidroelectrica’s GSM on 31 August 2017
22/08/2017 Fondul Proprietatea accuses weakening of corporate governance in Nuclearelectrica S.A.
26/07/2017 Risk of corruption increases due to conflict of interest by Hidroelectrica's Supervisory Board members
17/07/2017 Fondul Proprietatea urges the management of Engie Romania to revisit their corporate governance policies
26/06/2017 Fondul Proprietatea urges president Iohannis to not promulgate the ports law
16/06/2017 FP requests the revocation of four members of Hidroelectrica’s supervisory board
13/06/2017 FP warns on the ‘black list’ of SOEs that may be exempted from the law on corporate governance

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