Aeroportul Internaţional Mihail Kogălniceanu - Constanţa S.A.

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  • Fund Stake 20.0%
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Brief History

The national company “Aeroportul International Mihail-Kogalniceanu - Constanta” was founded according to the Government Decision no. 523 as of 24 August 1998 following the reorganization of Regia Autonoma “Aeroportul International Constanta Mihail Kogalniceanu”.

Regulatory Institution

The Ministry of Transportation is the state authority in the field of transportation which elaborates the adequate legislative framework, the economic policy and the development strategies for transport infrastructure.

The Romanian Civil Aviation Authority is the specialized technical body of the Ministry of Transportation delegated to elaborate regulations, implement and enforce the national civil aviation, license the civil aviation personnel, certify aircrafts, products and associated parts of civil aircraft, register aircrafts.