Hidroelectrica S.A.

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  • Fund Stake 19.94%
  • Sector Electricity generation
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Founded in 2000, Hidroelectrica is leader in the production of energy and the main provider of ancillary services necessary in the National Energy System and is a vital company for a strategic sector with implications in national security.

With a production in an average hydrological year of over 17 TWh generated in branches located strategically on the territory of the country, Hidroelectrica supplies about 30% of the total production of energy of the country, depending on the hydraulicity of the year, while the average volume of ancillary services for the past 10 years is about 70% of the secondary adjustment reserve, about 84% of the fast tertiary reserve and 100% of the reactive energy insurance service debited or absorbed from the network in the secondary voltage adjustment band, from the National Energy System needs.

The company is administered in a dual-tier system by a Management Board under the supervision of a Supervisory Board.

On 31 March 2022, Hidroelectrica's shareholders (Ministry of Energy and Fondul Proprietatea) approved in the company's general shareholders' meeting, the initiation of the listing process of Hidroelectrica’s shares on the Bucharest Stock Exchange following a public offering of the company’s shares held by Fondul Proprietatea.