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Fondul Proprietatea is a joint stock company operating as a closed–end investment fund without a set lifetime, incorporated in Romania, trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange since January 2011.

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Shareholding structure and total number of voting rights as at 20 October 2014 considered as “reference date”
Supporting materials related to the 19 November 2014 Shareholders’ Meetings
2014 Updated financial calendar
Acceleration of the fourth buy-back programme by means of a Public Tender Offer initiated by Fondul Proprietatea SA

Mark Mobius' Blog

Blurring the Lines Between Emerging-, Frontier- and Developed-Market Stocks

There has been some convergence in terms of how one might classify emerging-, frontier- or developed-market companies—and how they might fit into investors’ portfolios. Recently, we have noted an increase in liquidity and transparency of many frontier-market stocks (the smaller and lesser-developed subset of emerging markets). We have encountered increased numbers of businesses quoted on developed-market exchanges that have a majority of their business operations, sales or earnings generated in emerging or frontier markets, and at the same time, we have also seen growing numbers of emerging-market companies acquiring businesses in developed markets, becoming true multinationals. In our opinion, suitable frontier- and even developed-market stocks can be used to add potential value to what investors might traditionally classify as emerging-market portfolios. Market Convergence   Frontier markets have been of particular interest to us in recent years, as we perceive many of these markets as having good economic growth potential.