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Fondul Proprietatea is a joint stock company operating as a closed–end investment fund without a set lifetime, incorporated in Romania, trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange since January 2011.

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2014 Updated financial calendar
Acceleration of the fourth buy-back programme by means of a Public Tender Offer initiated by Fondul Proprietatea SA
Notification regarding the transactions performed during the buy-back program
Investors managing assets of more than USD 1,400 Billion met with Romania's Ambassador to the United States

Mark Mobius' Blog

Blurring the Lines Between Emerging-, Frontier- and Developed-Market Stocks

There has been some convergence in terms of how one might classify emerging-, frontier- or developed-market companies—and how they might fit into investors’ portfolios. Recently, we have noted an increase in liquidity and transparency of many frontier-market stocks (the smaller and lesser-developed subset of emerging markets). We have encountered increased numbers of businesses quoted on developed-market exchanges that have a majority of their business operations, sales or earnings generated in emerging or frontier markets, and at the same time, we have also seen growing numbers of emerging-market companies acquiring businesses in developed markets, becoming true multinationals. In our opinion, suitable frontier- and even developed-market stocks can be used to add potential value to what investors might traditionally classify as emerging-market portfolios. Market Convergence   Frontier markets have been of particular interest to us in recent years, as we perceive many of these markets as having good economic growth potential.