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Fondul Proprietatea is a joint stock company operating as a closed–end investment fund without a set lifetime, incorporated in Romania, trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange since January 2011.

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Supporting materials related to the 23 September 2014 Shareholders’ Meetings
Convening notice for the Extraordinary and Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meetings of Fondul Proprietatea SA to be held on 23 September 2014
2014 First Half Results Report
31 July 2014 NAV report

Mark Mobius' Blog

Touring the Investment Landscape in the Czech Republic

My team and I have been touring Central and Eastern Europe this summer, and our travels recently took us to the Czech Republic. It’s a country with an interesting history, and from our perspective, it also holds a variety of interesting potential investment opportunities, too. It’s filled with lots of visitors from all over the world—I recognized both Korean and Mandarin being spoken on the streets in the beautiful city of Prague, and in our hotel there was a group of Japanese tourists. Clearly, they traveled a long way to get there! Prague is an attractive destination not only because of its history but also its collection of beautiful buildings and interesting architecture, an important draw for travelers. There are all kinds of architectural styles including Medieval, Art Deco, Beaux Arts, Baroque, Victorian, and extreme Modern (like the Dancing House by Frank Gehry). The Vltava River running through the city is a focal point, and the famous Charles Bridge decorated with baroque statues of saints is a great place to view the Hradčany Castle on the mountain overlooking the city ...